We are here to empower you by improving your skills with our timely and in-demand Educational Programs. It is open for those who want to upskill or reskill. The fast demand for change may occur, but you can learn at your own pace with us.


    Assistant Teachers
    Social Workers & Non-medical Caregiver
    Call Center & Front Office
    Retail Staff
    Study the basics of child developmental psychology, the psychology of communication, and special pedagogy to better understand children to help them.

    Learn the pedagogical strategies in managing every classroom or admin’s situation, stress- free supporting the class teacher’s activities.

    Learn teaching strategies to help the classroom teachers and make teaching joyful every day.


    Join our classes and learn how to become an effective caregiver for clients and family members. You can also gain the knowledge and skills required in proper dementia care, elderly care, and caring for the disabled. Caregivers are highly valued professionals who make a big contribution to the health of our society. Our training courses are designed to help you become a competent caregiver.
    Call Center & Front Office
    Get a basic overview of the roles and the responsibilities of front-office and receptionists. Gain the knowledge, confidence, and know-how that’s becoming of a front-office or a receptionist’s professionals. This course teaches the fundamentals aspects of front-office and receptionist that apply to every establishment. Delve deeper into the fundamental skills required of a receptionist or front-office professional and learn more about the essentials needed to make a lasting first impression on the customers.


    In the stores could use more motivated, top-performing employees? Does feel as if the staff could do better at selling and serving customers? These will be improved as you take this course. It offers best practices to ensure that the staff performs at their best.