Front Office

Work4U, Inc. provides a comprehensive variety of Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) solutions to our clients which include front office and back office solutions. The extensive and complete process between front-office and back- office operations which lead to operational efficiency helps the business achieve its goals and objectives.

We provide customer services to our partner’s end customers which include answering inquiries, responding to complaints and issues, and processing of sale products and services.

We provide technical assistance which is always available to our clients’ users or customers in solving technical problems related to products and services they may encounter.

– Data Center Technical Support

– Maintenance Technical Support

We provide our clients strong sales programs through our comprehensive tools and processes. Our sales solution maximizes sales result which gives an edge to our business partners.

We provide chat solutions through our integrated technology software which helps businesses achieve their objective of providing excellent customer service while being connected to them.

We provide solutions to connect and reach out to our clients’ customers across all social media channels.

We provide high quality and accurate language solutions to our partners which help dismiss language barriers that can create poor operational results and customer experience. Our interpretation and translation services guarantee the highest value experience to our partners.