Our Foreign Language Learning includes providing comprehensive training programs and classes which offer efficient multicultural and multilingual exposure to our clients.

    Foreign Languages

    Work4U, Inc. provides an innovative method of learning with an extensive and complete assessment of each learner which leads to the teaching efficacy that helps the learner achieve their main goals and objectives in learning different languages.
    All the English classes are provided ranging from General English to International Examination Preparation to Business English to other languages.
    French classes are provided to make the learners have short simple conversations and speak French confidently. The course’s purpose is also to understand the structure of the French language.
    The primary objective of this program is to teach students or professionals understand and speak the German language. Learners will be able to pronounce German words correctly and be confident in speaking the language.
    Be it in professional and entertainment purposes, people around the world will get more chance of understanding Korean natives.
    Learn and understand Chinese Mandarin, the most widely spoken language in the world. The classes help learners understand the different tones in the Chinese language.
    Learn Nihongo and master the basics and vocabulary of writing and pronunciation. Nihongo classes aim to teach beginners to study general Nihongo and learners to master business Nihongo.
    Learn the Thai language efficiently with our native language Thai Teachers. You will not just learn the language but also its culture which will help you learn fast by understanding its background.
    Widen your language by learning one of the known languages in ASIA. You will easily learn it as our teachers are experts in teaching different nationalities.

    We know that good communication skills lead to self-development and business advancement.


    Our highly qualified team will carry out the assessment test to our potential clientele-learners before the classes begin. Our professional instructors will establish a certain approach to teaching based on the assessment results together with the necessary materials required for improvement. This can be done virtually and/or within the company premises.

    Delivery Models for Foreign Language Learning:


    Virtual learning is done online through our integrated application system.
    This includes:

    Foreign Language Learning Online (FLLON) – Classes will be done virtually: a choice of video or audio class only are given


    In-Person setup is done in two methods; Private or One-on-One and Group Setting.
    This includes:
    Internal Foreign Language Learning (INTFLL) –
    Classes are done onsite or within the company premises.
    Remote Foreign Language Learning (RFLL)-
    Classes are done within the vicinity of the clientele-learners current residence, depending on the hours availed.
    Foreign Language Camp Season (FLCS) –
    Classes are done within the vicinity of the clientele-learners current residence, depending on the hours availed.